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Our Company

InspecTech® has provided specialized

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) systems

since 1977, and is to-day a leader in this field.

While these installations vary in type and

complexity, the emphasis has been always

to provide systems of quality and lasting reliability.

InspecTech's reputation and stability has attracted accomplished individuals from a wide range of technical professions. From this wealth of talent we have assembled a cohesive team with complementary skills for each

project - a team that always includes our client.


InspecTech's Research and Development team works closely with our clients, towards a goal of continuous improvement to our equipment and systems. For example, the use of Flux Leakage testing for ERW longseams, which is rapidly gaining international acceptance.


For fifteen years InspecTech designed and supplied sophisticated in-service inspection pigs which use the flux leakage technique to gather high-resolution data from oil and gas transmission pipelines.

Other major NDT accomplishments of design and manufacture by InspecTech include:


Flux Leakage:

Eddy Current:

Data Processing: