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Vol.7 No.2, 2012
The InspecTech Inquirer

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In 1984 InspecTech built a pair of ultrasonic test systems that included motorized calibration tables. After the passage of over 20 years, we are now being asked to do the same again, this time for code compliance purposes.

Much has changed in the intervening

years, mostly in the evolution of

electronics and information technology.

Today’s motorized tables include the

capability to take data in one direction

only (the direction of mill travel), or to

take bi-directional readings. Table

speed data are recorded, displayed

and included in calibration records.

Splash guards protect the operator from

flying coupling liquid. All of this is a far

cry from those original units but the

basic design was still there when we

came to blow the dust off and use it


P.S.  As a footnote to this article, let us

clarify InspecTech’s position on test

codes that require calibration speed to

match mill run speeds. We believe that

the requirement is superfluous. Any

well-designed ultrasonic test system is

essentially speed independent. (It is easy

to prove this for yourself too). We believe that code committees should concern themselves more with the transfer characteristics between a polished, well-used test piece and a hot scaly product on the mill.  However, we do not create the codes; we just endeavour to help our customers meet them.

Above picture shows a recently commissioned motorized calibration table for an ultrasonic on-line test unit.


Most advances are the result of slow evolution, and so it has been with our flux leakage weld line test systems.

It is now clear that one of the better applications for flux leakage testing is in the realm of hollow structural steel (HSS) manufacturing, where the inside weld flash is rarely removed, and yet where a full penetration test of the weld is desired.

We now have a number of customers making HSS product, all enthusiastic users of Flux Leakage, many of whom are qualified to make ROPS (Roll Over Protection Systems) product, and these customers represent our fastest-growing market segment.

As this customer demand has increased, so have their requests for bigger and better test systems. We have just shipped a flux leakage unit for use on 12” diameter product with up to 0.5” wall thickness, and we are now accepting orders for systems with a capability up to 0.625” (16mm) wall and any diameter.

Photograph shows a flux leakage test unit for 12” diameter, heavy wall structural steel.

In this case a motorized calibration table was used because of the extreme weight of the test sample

Meet The People

Greg Brown came to InspecTech as a shop helper back in 1989.

He then apprenticed with us working in our shop and studying at night school and on day release. In this way he qualified under the Ontario apprenticeship programme as a machinist.

Today Greg programs our NC machinery, works with outside vendors and does the final assembly and check-out on all of our mechanical systems. In between times, he still manages to do some machining work.

We salute his 23 years of service to the company.

Office Closings

Last summer we decided to change our publication cycle for the Inquirer.

We have previously published at Christmas and mid-summer; two seasons where our readers are either on vacation or likely too busy to read our articles. Henceforth we are publishing in spring and fall, times when we hope you will have more time to enjoy the Inquirer. Helps us too; rather than trying to meet deadlines for copy and pictures.

For our international customers, here is a list of Canadian holidays and observances for our offices for the next several months. Our automated answering machine can take messages during evenings, weekends and holidays. Our offices will be closed for:

Christmas Break

December 24 - January 2

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February 18

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