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Meet The People

Zbigniew Kaminski - Vice President of Engineering

Zbigniew came to InspecTech in 1989 as a contract employee and joined our full time staff in November of that year. In the intervening 23 years he has steered our path through the transition from analogue to digital products and has co-ordinated the development of the software that is so vital to a successful digital environment.

Along the way Zbigniew has been involved in developing many of the processes and circuits that are today the backbone of our NDT systems.

An avid skier and tennis player, Zbigniew is a year-round athlete.

In April of this year, InspecTech inked a major contract to supply the Ultrasonic weld testing equipment for a new facility for API tubular products in the Far East.

InspecTech will be supplying on-line weld

testing units and IBIS flash monitors for a

tubing line plus a second similar set for a

casing line. Both lines will also be equipped

with InspecTech off-line systems for final

weld testing.

The two off-line systems will be configured

as dual units (two test heads each), a

necessary provision to meet the planned

production rates of both mills.

Kusakabe Electric Machinery Co. Ltd. In

Japan, who will be supplying the tube mills

for both product lines, is spearheading this

major new facility. Numerous international

vendors are supporting Kusakabe, and

InspecTech is proud to be a member of

this group.

The six ultrasonic systems are due to be

delivered during the first quarter of 2013.


InspecTech first introduced weld testing in tubular products using flux leakage just before the Y2K millennium. Over the years we have promoted this very versatile technology and it is rapidly gathering momentum in the welded tube industry.

The technology has become especially popular

amongst manufacturers of structural tubular products,

although it is equally well suited to other applications.

One result of this popularity is the demand for testing

of much larger products, especially with heavier walls.

In response to customer requests we have recently

upgraded our magnetizer technology and we are now

building to order a new system with a wall thickness

capability up to 16mm (5/8”). This development has

also required refinement to our product guidance and

tracking functions.

Most technologies advance in incremental steps,

but InspecTech's flux leakage weld test technology

is still advancing in leaps and bounds. Another

recent advance has all but eliminated the effect of

weld line shift in the product under test. There is no

longer any need to re-balance the system if the weld

line wanders from its original orientation.

So significant is this new development that we have used it to enhance our capability to test laser welded automotive panel blanks. Using our new technology we can now test curved weld profiles as well as linear welds. Testing of laser welded panel blanks has been an important application for our flux leakage systems since 2002.

In figure 1, the differential response shows the beginning and end of the notch, the absolute response shows the full notch. Such a clear result would be unlikely using eddy current testing; it demonstrates how flux leakage can detect long continuous defects (such as no weld or partial fusion).



Vol.7 No.1 Summer 2012
The InspecTech Inquirer

Martin Plut (centre), Vice President Sales at

InspecTech at the contract signing in Japan

Figure 1: Flux Leakage trace of 3” diameter

tube with a machined notch.

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