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Meet The People

Mohan Heeralal has now chalked up 23 years with InspecTech.

He hails originally from Trinidad where he apprenticed as a machinist in a rum distillery.

It continues to mystify most of us why he would exchange a rum-centred tropical world for “Nine months of winter and three months of tough sledding” in Ontario.

However it is our good fortune that he made that choice and today Mohan keeps the InspecTech machine shop at its best.

Our tube and pipe business is split roughly

down the middle between test systems for new

pipe mills and retrofits for existing mills.

Installations on new mills are relatively painless

with lots of space and opportunities to plan wisely.

We have worked closely with many mill

manufacturers during the planning stage to get

the best possible NDT arrangement on new

tube mills.

When it comes to adding an NDT system to an

existing mill, the story is often very different.

Insufficient weld cooling at the test station is a

common problem, but worst of all is when there is

a lack of space.  Sometimes it looks like a

shoehorn is needed to get a test system installed

on-line in such a way that the user can manage

it effectively. Thus it is that we have revived

something that we first did over 10 years ago.

We have added an IBIS flash monitor unit onto an

on-line Ultrasonic test head to create a single

integrated unit. Spring 2013 has seen the completion

of the first revival of  the concept for an Ontario customer who had severe space limitations on the mill.

By combining both functions onto a single test head it becomes possible to have an on-line ultrasonic test, plus a weld profile monitor all within a space of some 660mm, (26”) along the mill line.

This can be a big benefit to customers wanting to add or upgrade NDT to existing mills, but who cannot easily move big items such as seam annealers to create adequate space.

More about On-Line Ultrasonics:

Spring 2013 has seen us install another conventional on-line test system as a replacement for a phased-array system. This is the third such installation. It is starting to become evident that the high cost of phased array, coupled with the complexity of operation and maintenance are conspiring to make the technology less attractive for on-line installations in tube mills.

Office Closings

For our international customers, here is a list of Canadian holidays and observances for our offices for the next several months. Our automated answering machine can take messages during evenings, weekends and holidays. Our offices will be closed for:

Victoria Day

May 24

Canada Day

July 1

Civic Holiday

August 5

Labour Day

September 2


October 14

Dates subject to change.

Above picture shows a combined weld test and flash monitor in a single unit.

Back Issues of the InspecTech Inquirer are posted on our website at www.inspectech.ca .

We generally issue two editions a year.

Capabilities of Flux Leakage ERW Test Units.

We have now got our family of Flux Leakage weld test

units into final form with a unit to cover all situations (we

hope). Of course, all of these units are for on-line weld

testing in ferromagnetic materials.

The SMALL unit is for tubes from 12mm up to about

80mm (3”) diameter and up to 4mm wall. This unit fits

under the mill run line and magnetizes the weld from


The LARGE unit is for tube diameters 40mm (1.6”)

and above, with walls to 10mm. This unit tests from

above the tube and it is gantry mounted.

The HEAVY DUTY unit is for tubes 120mm (4.5”)

and above, with wall up to 16mm. This unit is also gantry

mounted and tests from above.

Flux Leakage weld testers can be configured to test squares and rectangles although some conditions must be met.

Above picture shows a small Flux Leakage unit.

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