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I.B.I.S. Goes Outside.

The I.B.I.S. (Inspectech B-scan Inspection

System) is nearing its 20th birthday,

although of course it has enjoyed many

updates and improvements over the years.

To celebrate this event, the I.B.I.S. (which

monitors id flash removal on ERW tube

welds), can now plot and compare

together, both the outside (o.d.) and inside

(i.d.) profiles of the product.

We have always felt that one of the

biggest strengths of the I.B.I.S. is the fact

that it does not just provide a

representation, but that it transforms the

curved tubular profile to a straight line

format and thus reports the profile as

an X-Y graph using engineering units

of inches or millimetres.

The new enhanced I.B.I.S. follows the same format. It plots, in straight-line form, the o.d. profile and also the thickness profile, thickness being added to the o.d. results such that the o.d., and the i.d. can be compared directly in engineering units with the ideal condition. Ideal, in this case is a straight line for both o.d. and i.d. conditions.

The screen presentation can be toggled back and forth between the original thickness only mode and the new o.d./i.d. Mode.

Take a look at the screen reproduced above.

Vol.5 No.2 Winter 2010
The InspecTech Inquirer

In our summer 2008 edition we reported on the special version of the Flux Leakage weld line test unit that had been configured to test square and rectangular product. This was no ordinary application, because the product was formed and welded as a rectilinear section.

After that novel machine was put to work it seems to have done its job well because by 2010 a second unit was ordered by the same customer, and it was delivered in the fall. Once again, nothing was straightforward, and fitting the flux leakage test machine into the existing mill environment called for a quick and easy way to remove the entire test

unit during mill changeover. Furthermore, constraints in the mill layout required some changes in configuration. Our photo shows the new machine ready to ship.

Square Again

Meet The People

Vaughan Lawrence is a 20-year veteran of our Group, although until now he has worked in our Analygas division doing inside sales. Now, because our increasing business takes Martin Plut out on the road so frequently, Vaughan is going to start working on Inspectech inside sales. Vaughan will be helping Martin Plut, primarily in the area of parts, quotations, orders and expediting.

It is Vaughan's responsibility to ensure that your parts orders will be processed efficiently, and that deliveries are made on time. We hope you will contact Vaughan by phone or E-mail