Ultrasonic Testing Technique
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Inject very high frequency sound beams into the tube under test. Defects cause signals to be reflected back to the sending transducer.


Weld testing (ERW, TIG & DSA etc) on-line and off-line. Also full body testing off-line.


All carbon steel and most alloy steel tubing.  (Limited in many stainless alloys).

Suitable for diameters 2” (50mm) and up; and wall thicknesses 1/8” (3mm) and up.


Total weld body testing with equal sensitivity to ID and OD defects.  Excellent repeatability and calibration retention.  By cross coupling transducers, the test can be continuously verified as valid.  This is the method of choice whenever it can be used.


Liquid couplant is needed so that the product must be cool or be quenched prior to

testing.  At very high production speeds (>450 ft./m or >140 m/min.) the ability to

detect small defects is reduced.