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“We partner with our customers to increase product reliability and productivity by providing integrated, quality, custom-designed solutions in Non Destructive Testing.”


“Our customers come first”
“Innovation and Change make us better”
“We value teamwork and integrity”
“We own our work and deliver on responsibility”

InspecTech® has provided specialized Non Destructive Testing (NDT) systems since 1977, and is today a leader in this field.

While these installations vary in type and complexity, the emphasis has always been to provide systems of quality and lasting reliability.

InspecTech’s reputation and stability has attracted accomplished individuals from a wide range of technical professions. From this wealth of talent we have assembled a cohesive team with complementary skills for each project – a team that always includes our client.

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In 1977, the year of InspecTech’s incorporation, the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment industry consisted largely of vendors offering instruments and probes for manual testing only. InspecTech’s objective was then clear: to supply engineered solutions to NDT problems by providing innovative and rugged test systems, fully integrated into the production environment.

Our clear objective has not changed over the years, but with the cooperation and encouragement of many loyal customers, and the efforts of our professional staff, the technology and sophistication of our products has advanced almost beyond recognition.

The revolution in digital technology has closely tracked InspecTech’s own history and the effects have been remarkable. Today, in addition to our in-house electrical and mechanical engineers, the company has software and firmware specialists, and all Information Technology functions are customised to our systems and to our client’s own needs.


Alex Karasyuk – Director of Sales 

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  • Ultrasonic test systems for the welded tube industry include ERW, DSA long seam and spiral welded products in use worldwide.
  • InspecTech pioneered the use of Flux Leakage Testing for welded tube and today remains the clear leader in the field.
  • Flash condition monitors for ERW mills using B-Scan technology in continuous production since the 1990’s
  • Flux Leakage test systems for use on laser welded automotive panel blanks also pioneered by InspecTech and in use in Europe, China and USA.
  • Wall thickness and eccentricity measurement and control of extruded products such as plastics and copper.
  • InspecTech supplied the first ultrasonic gas cylinder test system in North America in 1992.

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