Off-Line Ultrasonic Inspection For ERW Tube & Pipe Welds
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 Custom built to meet customer specific NDT requirements.

 Flexible scope of supply with a wide variety of options.

 Multi-probe test heads are easy to set-up and calibrate.

 Discrete Array technology optional.

 Ideal for inspecting to API-5L, API-5CT and ISO standards.

 Complete Data Logging of all Test Parameters - Easily stored, retrieved, hard-copied or downloaded.

The InspecTech® Off-Line UT Weld Inspection system is normally integrated with the material handling equipment used at the finishing floor.  

This UT system requires an overhead transport system with drive and logic controls such that when product is presented with the weld line accurately positioned, the test head can travel the length of the weld area to perform the test.

Product must be straight within specification, and the transport system must be aligned precisely for the equipment to function properly.

Welding defects that are detected, cause alarms to sound and the affected spot can be spray marked immediately adjacent to defect areas. An alternate arrangement stops and re-tests any suspect areas and requires operator intervention to decide accept/reject status.

InspecTech can offer a basic UT system that consists of the test head, the electronic system and the travelling interconnect cables & hoses. These items, when supplied by InspecTech are ready to install on the customer's existing overhead track and carriage system.

Alternatively, InspecTech can also provide an extended system, including overhead truss, track, carriage and carriage drive system, plus all the required logic controls and the operator's console. The operator's console in this instance includes all of the switches and indicators that are needed for the pipe handling equipment, ready for wiring to the customer's own handling system.

Test systems can include 4, 6, 8 or more transducers, arranged in any combination to detect longitudinal, transverse or lamination defects, using shear wave or longitudinal wave methods as appropriate. Choice of the number and arrangement of transducers is between Supplier and Customer, and it is often governed by code requirements.

Optionally, transducers for Ultrasonic End Zone lamination detection may be installed on the same off-line test head, or work in conjunction with other test heads working in parallel on the same overhead truss.

The scope of supply can include all of the items required, or just some of them, and customers can choose to configure their own test track systems. InspecTech can provide design and engineering for local fabrication of structural elements upon request.

InspecTech® Off-Line Ultrasonic Test Systems are specially designed and configured to inspect the entire length of a weld seam in a tubular product. This form of testing is normally required for code compliances such as API and ISO.

Testing is similar to InspecTech's On-Line Test System, but the test head is configured differently and more mechanization is required.

This test unit an overhead carriage, which travels above a stationary pipe.  This arrangement is the usual method of choice.  An alternative method, involving a stationary test head with the pipe being conveyed underneath is also available.

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