On-Line Eddy Current Testing Of Weld Seams For ERW Tube And Pipe
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Ideal for testing thin wall welded tubular products.

Can locate spherical and circular defects including pinholes at high mill speeds.

Full impedance plane display included as standard.

Differential and Absolute detection modes included as standard.

Data logger and defect marking system included as standard.

Ability to cover a wide range of Weld-Line Wander.

User friendly and low initial cost.

An Eddy Current test of welded tube, as it is made on-line, uses a probe positioned over the weld-line with minimal clearance as the tube passes under.  This is a cost effective method of testing welded tube.

In the case of magnetic materials, there is also the requirement to saturate the weld. This means that the material to be tested must be magnetized to a high level, at which point it will behave under Eddy Current conditions in much the same way as any non-magnetic material.

If residual magnetism is of concern in finished carbon steel or ferrous stainless steel tubular products, InspecTech offers a separate Demagnetizing unit that is mounted down-stream from the Eddy Current test system.

The operator’s screen includes full impedance plane display plus strip chart and event viewer.

The Eddy Current application has a separate Data Logger software (supplied pre-loaded) that allows all relevant information from each session to be stored and downloaded for printing or storage at another location. The information stored by the Data Logger includes operator ID, calibration data, alarm settings, and information relating to total production and alarm locations (distances in metres or feet along the inspected product).

The InspecTech® Eddy Current Test System is particularly suitable for the following:

Areas in which Eddy Current testing is less effective include:

InspecTech does not recommend the use of Eddy Current testing on tube products with galvanized or aluminized coating materials.

InspecTech's unique Flux Leakage Weld-Line Test System is better suited to such applications.

The InspecTech® Eddy Current System is a good on-line non-destructive testing system for weld-line inspection of thin wall tubing and can be used on fast operating mills.

InspecTech's Eddy Current Equipment is compact enough to fit on most mill beds, or can be mounted on the floor. Rotary stands are available to handle extremely large weld line skews.

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