Flux Leakage Weld Line

Flux Leakage On-Line Weld Line Testing Systempdf-flat

Weld testing of ERW tube & pipe

flux-leakage-on-line-weld-line-testing-system1InspecTech® pioneered the use of the flux leakage method for on-line weld testing for tube producers, to be used directly on the tube mill. The Flux Leakage method of testing tubular goods has been used for many decades for full body inspection. InspecTech® has refined the Flux Leakage method, using advanced signal processing.

Key Featuresflux-leakage-on-line-weld-line-testing-system2

  • Inspect weld seam in carbon steel tubes, on-line, at high speeds.
  • Suitable for diameters of 12mm and up.
  • Capable of testing Galvanized and Aluminized product.
  • Calibrates to 10% OD & ID notches and 0.8mm holes.
  • Flux Leakage testing is economical and user-friendly.
  • Superior Absolute & Differential operation compared to Eddy Current inspection systems.
  • Complete Data Logging of all on-line Test Parameters easily stored, retrieved, hard-copied or downloaded.
  • Instant recall of previously used setup.


Operator's Screen with Absolute and Differential Channels

Operator’s Screen with Absolute and Differential Channels

The complete Flux Leakage NDT test system includes two basic components: the robust mechanical subsystem that manipulates the on-line sensor, and the electronic package, which processes the signals from the sensor. InspecTech® offers three standardized Flux Leakage weld test units, based upon the size of product to be tested. Systems can be custom built for other size ranges or customer profiles. The smaller unit magnetizes the tube from below and is suitable for products in the general range of diameters from 0.5” (13mm) to about 3.5” (90mm). The larger systems are overhead, and magnetize from above and are used for diameters 2” (50mm) and up. The Extra-Large system is generally used for heavy wall material, where wall thickness can be as much as 0.625” (16mm).