Off-Line Ultrasonic Testing

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Ioffline-ultrasonic-testing-system1nspecTech® Off-Line Ultrasonic Test Systems are specially designed and configured to inspect the entire length of a weld seam in a tubular product. This form of testing is normally required for code compliances such as API and ISO. Testing is similar to InspecTech’s On-Line Test System, but the test head is configured differently and more mechanization is required.

Key Features

  • Multi-probe test heads are easy to setup and calibrate.
  • Ideal for inspecting to API-5L, API-5CT and ISO standards.
  • Individually engineered units to meet specific NDT requirements.
  • Flexible scope of supply with a wide variety of options.
  • Complete Data Logging of all Test Parameters Easily stored, retrieved, hard-copied or downloaded.
  • Discrete Array technology optional.
  • Optional end-zone testing.
  • Multiple test heads available to enhance productivity.


Typical operator screen showing 6 channels

Typical operator screen showing 6 channels

This test unit uses an overhead carriage, which travels above a stationary pipe. This arrangement is the usual method of choice.

An alternative method, involving a stationary test head with the pipe being conveyed underneath is also available.