Ultrasonic Skelp Monitoring

Ultrasonic Skelp Monitoring Systempdf-flat

ultrasonic-skelp-monitoring-system1The InspecTech® Ultrasonic monitor for pipe skelp or strip material is a multi-channel unit that measures and records material gauge as well as checking for laminations and segregations in the material. The monitor is used in pipe and tube manufacture as well as in plate and strip mills.

Key Features

  • Coverage from 10% to 100% of material surface.
  • Unused transducers can be “parked” to suit different strip widths.
  • Alarm function can be tailored to defect size or area.
  • Outer transducers can be set up to follow strip edges.
  • Complete Data Logging of all on-line Test Parameters easily stored, retrieved, hard-copied or downloaded.
  • Instant recall of previously used setups.


To accommodate different widths of strip or skelp, transducer arms can be positioned individually on a crossbar that straddles the line. Unused transducers are simply lifted into a “park” position, and they become inoperative when parked.

Undulations and twists in the tested material are compensated by the individual transducer holders, which include both pivot and swivel actions. In addition, bouncing of the transducer arms is minimized by a pneumatic system that applies constant downward force to the test heads.

Typical operator screen showing active (gray) and inactive (black) channels.

Typical operator screen showing active (gray) and inactive (black) channels.