Spiral Weld Ultrasonic System


spiral-weld-ultrasonic-testing-system1Ultrasonic testing of DSAW/SAW welded spiral pipe is a well-established and widely used technique, which is used to meet API and other codes of practice. InspecTech offers comprehensive systems for Spiral Weld testing, including an automated, laser guided weld tracking subsystem. InspecTech has developed and refined a probe system that utilizes immersion transducers in a special transducer holder. This system creates shear waves at the pipe interface. With multi-channel processing technology, InspecTech’s multi transducer probe assemblies are easy to set-up and calibrate.

Key Features

  • Multi probe test heads are easy to set-up and calibrate.
  • Tandem probes offered to ensure full cross-section testing.
  • Flexible scope of supply with a wide variety of options.
  • Complete data logging provides accurate records of all test parameters and test results.
  • Robust mechanical construction.
  • Complete Data Logging of all on-line Test Parameters easily stored, retrieved, hard-copied or downloaded.
  • Instant recall of previously used setups.
Typical operator screen showing 8 channels.

Typical operator screen showing 8 channels.


Our laser guided tracking system is used for spiral tube weld testing the tracking system is very reliable and simple to set-up. Operator needs to position the test head in desired location on the weld and engage the tracking system. From this moment on the test head will automatically follow the weld, even with significant weld line shift over time. Th e configuration of the system and scope of supply can be individually adjusted. Based on mill structure and testing requirements the best and most cost effective option will be offered by InspecTech to meet our customers’ needs.